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years of experience
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We are the strategic partner your company needs to support your growth.
JMF Consulting offers an integrated and specialized management approach for all your infrastructure projects. We combine a global vision with in-depth knowledge of the North American and Latin American markets to support your business' growth. Our Miami headquarters has spearheaded our growth in the North American market for the past ten years. This privileged geographical location is crucial to serving our LATAM and U.S. markets.
The added value for your company lies in how we approach consultancy: we begin by fully understanding the client’s business and growth potential to offer solutions based on their specific needs, supported by high-quality products and state-of-the-art technology.
Over thirty years of experience making our clients grow makes us a benchmark in the market. We combine that strength with the agility and innovation of a modern company, constantly expanding to respond to the ever-changing needs of its customers.
Real Estate
We develop infrastructure projects with innovative concepts, from floor plans, design proposals, construction, and work supervision, to remodeling and interior design of all kinds of commercial spaces. Also, we offer management, administration, structure maintenance, and tenant management in rental properties. Everything is under the "turnkey" modality for your convenience.
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Mobility Sector
For more than 30 years, we have been the market leader in mobility. We represent manufacturers and suppliers from Europe, Asia, the United States, Brazil, and Argentina. Our experience allows us to offer various services, products, and supplies for personal use vehicles, rural and urban public transportation, and heavy machinery.
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We offer innovative products and services that comply with health and safety standards established by the authorities of each country. Furthermore, we provide state-of-the-art technology to meet the needs of medical service providers, whether hospitals, clinics, offices, or health centers.
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Questions and Aswers
About Our Services
Why do I need a Consulting Company to develop my projects?
Projects have many components: quality of construction materials - if applicable - suppliers, contractors, personnel, legal and tax framework, permits, marketing, administration, accounting, etc. Lacking expert advice on the different components can make the process cumbersome and slow.
What kind of suppliers do you have for your projects?
We have an excellent portfolio of international suppliers; we represent top-quality brands to guarantee excellence in our projects.
Do you provide property management services?
We are experts in property management, including physical infrastructure maintenance, tenant management, property administration, accounting, supplier management, and personnel management, in "turn-key" mode for our client’s convenience.
Do you import equipment and supplies for the public health sector from Europe or the US to Latin America?
We represent top-quality equipment suppliers internationally, allowing us to provide state-of-the-art technology in medical and hospital supplies and equipment. We also develop infrastructure projects in this area in turn-key mode.
Do you oversee government projects in Latin America?
Our vast experience in public bidding and contracting in Latin America allows us to consult and supervise projects comprehensively based on specific conditions and needs.
How do you guarantee the efficiency of technology components in projects?
We know that obsolescence is the main risk of technological solutions. Our technology experts integrate the right software to ensure maximum efficiency and profitability and protect our projects from tech obsolescence.
Do your mobility solutions include tourist transport?
We have extensive experience in Latin America in constructing cable cars and managing bus fleets. We carry out prior technical, economic, and environmental studies, project planning, and management in cable car projects. Regarding bus fleets, we can advise on the configuration and management of purchases with ad hoc technological solutions for fleet control and ticketing. In both cases, our consultation applies to public and tourist transportation.
Do you focus on developing infrastructure projects exclusively?
Our experienced consultants advise our clients in the construction and management of their projects in all organizational aspects, sales, or business expansions.
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